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EDDL 5101 Final Project: Thermal Energy Online Learning Activity with ClassDojo

Hello everyone! I have put together the final touches on the technology integration activity that utilizes the content from this course. I am attaching everything you need here so that you can access it.

First of all, here is the PDF document that discusses the learning outcome, the links to resources, the APA references, rational, among other things:

EDDL 5101 Final Project Jeremiah Ford PDF Document

In order to access the learning activity, you will need to login to one of the several student accounts I made for my ClassDojo demo class. First of all, the link to login to Classdojo is:

From here, you will need to login using the QR code printout. You will have to print one of the pages for any one of the students and login using your webcam, or you can quickly login on your mobile device or tablet. The QR codes are here:

Demo Class’s Student Login Poster

You can login to any student account. Do not use “Test Student 1” as this is the account I used to make the video of the student’s perspective.

The video I have made is to show you what the activity looks like from the student’s perspective from beginning to end. This will also allow you to see the activity without having to print the QR codes and logging yourself in (although you are welcome to do that).


I am also attaching the student activity worksheet that is embedded into the ClassDojo activity. If you login using the QR codes you will see that you can interact with it in several ways and then submit it for the teacher to view.

final project assessment piece

If you want to look at the learning content page I developed for this activity, the link is here:


To get the full experience, you will need to login using the QR code (Either by printing the QR page and using the webcam on your laptop or you can quickly scan the QR code on a mobile device) and “participate” as a student. You can also view the video I have posted above as it walks through the learning activity.

I am looking forward to seeing some of the other projects!

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  1. Sarah Letourneau December 5, 2021

    Hey Jeremiah,

    This is a great activity you’ve created! I would love to use it in my class when I teach energy if you don’t mind! Thank you for posting the PDF of the student worksheet. I really like how you included video instructions for your students as well as written. You’ve put a lot of work into this! Fantastic activity!


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