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EDDL 5101 Assignment 4 – Blueprint, Wireframe, and a step-by-step guide on the learning activity

Hello everyone! Here is my submission for assignment four. I have provided screen shots to give you a step-by-step guide of how this learning activity is going to work within the PDF file attached below.

I am also going to be supplying all of you with your own QR codes when it comes time to submit the final project so you can login as a “student” to see the assignment from beginning to end. Classdojo is very secure so the classroom login code actually times out after an hour, so the best way to login from a remote location is with the QR codes. This will be explained in more detail in a few weeks.

I hope this makes sense!

Click the link below to be taken to the assignment.

– Jeremiah

EDDL5101_assignment 4 Ford, Jeremiah



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  1. Jim MacLean December 4, 2021

    Hi Jeremiah
    I enjoyed looking at your blueprint for your technology activity and introducing me to classdojo. As I look at the projects of our classmates, I constantly am learning about new technology that I could potentially use in my teaching. Your instructions are clear and engaging and your video with you reading the instructions is a great addition to support your students. Your tumblr site was colourful and comprehensive.

    The only suggestion I can make it with regards to the reading level of your text material. Might it be possible to include some lower reading level material?


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