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EDDL 5101 Week 9 : Activity 3 – Share your welcome video

How I created this video:

I filmed this using my webcam on my laptop using the video application called “Wondershare Filmora”. I have used this application before primarily for editing Gopro videos of backcountry skiing and other fun activities. I actually filmed each speaking segment individually (to avoid mistakes, even though I still made a few), and then I added in background music (they have a library of creative commons music for videos within the program), and then I added in some photos I got from the website of some of the things I mentioned in the video. Finally, I added in the text at the beginning and faded out the music. Then I exported to mp4.

Where I see myself using this video:

I tried to make it “general” so that I could use this in the future. The only thing that may impede that is I mentioned I was working at Don Titus elementary, and I may apply to work at a different school next year. I think I could still possibly use it though! Students get excited when they see their teacher in a “digital” medium so I think it would be fun to share.

Other suggestions for improving teacher presence:

I think if you can use videos to go over the instructions for an activity that would improve teacher presence in an online setting. The Class Dojo LMS has a video function built right into the activity design. Teachers can record a quick video outlining the instructions so students do not have to just read the text-based instructions (although they can do that too), and this will allow students who may struggle with reading to still get the instructions and could also increase student engagement.

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