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EDDL 5101 Week 6 Assignment 3: Exploring Digital Solutions

Please check out my presentation on Youtube below:

It is a little bit lengthy (even after editing some of my rambling out) so here is a breakdown:

Chosen technology 1:34

What will it accomplish 2:55

Applications chosen 3:30

Benefits of Edmodo 3:55

Interface Design evaluation (Edmodo) 7:04

User Experience Evaluation (Edmodo) 13:44

Benefits of Class Dojo (18:44)

Interface Design Evaluation (Class Dojo) 20:02

User Experience Evaluation (Class Dojo) 23:22

Final Remarks 26:35

I am attaching the citations here as it cuts out quickly:

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  1. Jim MacLean December 9, 2021

    Hi Jeremiah
    Amazingly detailed YouTube presentation. Quite to challenge to get the grade 3 and 4 students to develop literacy skills, rather than just gaming! I was interested to hear about Edmodo, have never heard of it before. Went to their website, and was intrigued by all it had to offer. Thanks for introducing it to me. I particularly liked the option to go back and review materials that they may not have completely understood the first time. I teach in alternative education and I feel this can make learning much less stressful for my students. With regard to your discussion of Class Dojo, I think the element I was most impressed with was the error detection element – red font – that must be a game changer for keeping students on tract.
    Thanks again for sharing this

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