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EDDL 5101 Week 8 Activity 2: Finding Resources for Your Technology Integration Activity

Activity 2: Finding Resources for Your Technology Integration Activity

Create a list of digital resources that you will need as you develop your Technology Integration Activity project. These could include:

  • Images

CC Search (


Using the search option on will generate thousands of images that you can utilize for your own webpage or documents that you are designing for education.


  • Audio resources
  • Video resources

Animal Adaptations Project – YouTube


10 Bizarre Facts About Animal Adaptation | Fun Facts – YouTube



  • Documents

Animal Adaptations Power Point.pptx – Google Drive


  • Interactive activities

Search for public domain, open access, or Creative Commons licenced resources that you can use. Be sure to consider elements of UDL and accessibility in your methodology. Create a short post that describes the resources you need and how you found them. How will make sure that they are licenced for you to use as you intend? Will they provide universal accessibility?

If I go the route of an elementary science lesson on animal adaptations (Grade 3 curriculum), I am going to possibly need images, videos, and text. You can check the licensing info on some content, but it is not always apparent. It is useful to use as it guarantees your images have proper licensing by using the filter. For videos on youtube I have posted just below:


To find creative commons content on YouTube: When you click on search and hit enter, there is a “filters” button you can click just below it and slightly to the left. From there you need to click on “creative commons”. I found some suitable videos on animal adaptations for my technology integration assignment (I am either doing a science or a language arts-based learning activity).


Open source lesson plans:

Animal Adaptations STEM Toolkit Lesson Plan | OER Commons

OER commons (Open Education Resources) is a great website that has some lesson plans and documents that are open source for other educators to use. I found an animal adaptations lesson plan that includes a slide show that can be repurposed as well. Not sure if I will use it, but it is a good find!


With UDL in mind, I may have to record a video of myself reading the content of an article on animal adaptations. I will also have videos available (such as the ones above), along with the article itself. This way all students can have access to the content necessary for the assignment.



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  1. Paul Chong November 7, 2021

    Hi Jeremiah,

    I am curious to learn what a Grade 3/4 is able to understand when it comes to the idea of citing, copywrite, and plagiarism? I find that students may just “Google” search and “copy and paste” images needed as that is what they may be most comfortable doing. What are some alternatives to that? Would like to hear your thoughts.


  2. ghamilton December 6, 2021

    Hi Jeremiah,

    I like that you are considering recording a video of yourself reading the article on animal adaptations. Unfortunately I cannot open the hyperlink to the article to see if it is in PDF or text-readable format. I am curious if you think it is possible for the students you teach to use a free text-to-speech software such as Natural Reader ( for multiple means of representation.



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