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EDDL 5101 Week 4 Activity 5: My PLN


Activity 5: Share Your PLN

Create a portfolio post to share the PLN that you have started to build in this week’s Technology Exploration activities. Be sure to include:

  • The purpose of your PLN.

The purpose of my PLN is to seek guidance on certain technological resources that I can use as an educator, as well as guidance on other education-related issues that are outside the domain of ed-tech

  • How you plan to use your PLN.

I use my PLN to build up connections with other teachers or teaching resources that can help me solve problems, improve efficiency, expand my toolkit, and address issues that I may be struggling as a teacher. Also to find content in a digital format to share with my students!


  • The platform(s) that you have chosen to start building your PLN.
    • Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
    • Content sharing: Youtube, Learn360 , Vimeo, Pinterest (especially for art projects)
    • Digital Learning Platforms: Edmodo, Microsoft Teams
    • Quora – to pose questions to other educators
    • Reddit – many subreddits on education (some formal and some informal)


Would like to add:

  • Classroom 2.0 (from Alex’s post for this week)
  • (from Alex’s post)
  • Twitter (I do not even have an account, but I have checked on some organization’s posts and updates like CUEBC)
  • LinkedIn (I have an account for job networking purposes but there are many groups covering all aspects of education from leading educators worldwide)


I have been against Twitter and Facebook for professional networking, but I realize that there are some very useful groups, organizations, and educators that I can follow.


  • The peers, experts, and/or organizations that you have already added to your PLN.



  • Strategies that you have used, and that others can use, to start building your/their own PLNs.


Define a purpose: what are the goals you have as they relate to your personal learning network? How can your PLN help you achieve your goals in an online space as an educator? In a blended format?

Spiral: take advantage of which pages you follow are connected to as well as people on social media to expand your PLN (I used some posts from other classmates to learn about classroom 2.0 and

Lurk and learn – follow the rules of your networking platform and become familiarized before you make a post. Example: Reddit – each subreddit has a different set of rules so check on the admin post before you make your own post!

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